Top Questions From New Bloggers and Internet Marketers –Answered.

For my first post on I thought I would quickly look at some of the questions most often asked by would be Bloggers and aspiring Internet Marketers  who are just starting out and looking for direction or have difficulty getting their ideas off the ground.

I decided to start with a few of the basics.

  • How Do I Blog?
  • I Don’t Know What Niche / Product Top Sell.
  • How Do I Actually Make Money On The Internet?
  • How Can I Avoid Shiny Object Syndrom?

So here goes.

How Do I Blog?

This is a big question which I will cover in greater depth later, but for now here are some pointers.  Be consistent. Don’t start a blog and only post once a year or post a whole bunch of content every day for a month and then not post anything for ages. Try to post as often as possible, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Keep posts as short or as long as you need to make your point. It’s more original if you can come up with your own unique ideas for things to write about.

Short of ideas? Then address customers’ issues, look at what other bloggers in your industry are talking about, and always be on the lookout for other things to inspire your blog posts.

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Make sure you keep your content relevant to your target audience. That doesn’t mean you should always be pitching your products.  Just try to get to know what they are really interested in. Check Quora or blogs and forums in your target niche.

I Don’t Know What Niche/Product To Sell?

If you want to blog about your topic then you should choose something you are happy and confident talking / writing about. Preferably a topic where you feel you have something to give, be it opinion, teaching, explaining – call it what you will.  You have to have something to engage the interest of your readers so they will stick around.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • List 10 things you could talk about off the bat.
  • List your top 5 hobbies
  • When you have some free ‘me’ time what do you love to do most?

Could that be the subject for your blog?

You don’t have to create products yourself in order to sell online.  Thousands of people make an income from marketing affiliate products using Amazon or other online stores or product and service providers, so have an open mind toward the opportunities available.


How Do I Actually Make Money on The Internet?

We touched on some of these above. You could-

  • Sell your product  or other  affiliate products.
  • Provide a service – building websites, for example.
  • Display advertising and get paid for it
  • Build a blog and market related products and offers

They KEY though to maximising your earnings potential with any of these methods is to build an email list.


How Can I Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome?

This is one I have personally struggles with for years.

The question often is followed by another – How Can I Tackle Overwhelm & Information Overload?

What if I suddenly realised  that one causes the other  – bringing about  a never-ending cycle of more information,  promising more direction, promising simpler guaranteed methods, leading ultimately to more confusion with less direction and more overload. By which time we are all totally frazzled.  What a mouthful!

Internet marketing should be and is simple.

Find a method being USED by someone you trust and do just that. Nothing more.

(that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to learn)


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