About Me

HI. I’m Brian King and I’ve been working online for some time now

Brian KingI am married to my fabulous wife of more than 30 years, the father of two wonderful children, a follower of Jesus and an affiliate marketer and coach.

I’m from ‘God’s own country’ as we call it here in Northern Ireland.

My background is mainly in financial services working in sales for established big-name companies.

Over the past number of years though I have developed a passion for internet marketing which has led to my working with a number of local businesses and not for profit organisations, improving their online presence and providing content and online marketing strategies.

Thank you for visiting BlogSorted.com.

I do hope and pray that while you are here you will find at least some answers to any affiliate marketing, blogging and coaching queries you may have.

I am sure if you have considered this for any length of time you will have come to the same conclusion as I have – there are simply too many options available. So many possible ways of making money online that the difficulty actually is greatest at the beginning, in knowing where to start and which route is best for you.

That certainly has been my greatest problem and it’s by no means an easy or straightforward answer. But there is one answer which can lead you to success – whichever method you prefer – and that is to follow a trusted mentor.

It is my aim to offer on the website, in the very near future, a free video series giving a broad outline of the key areas in building an affiliate marketing and blogging presence online.

Please bear with me as I create the series and check back to see how it develops.

As a subscriber you will be updated as and when the new videos become available and when new articles are posted to the blog. It would be great to have you along.

Who will benefit from being a subscriber here?

  • If you are new to online internet or affiliate marketing and want to explore the basics of creating a passive income stream online, we can help.
  • If you have been spinning your wheels for months /years and getting confused by all things online let us bring some sanity and focus to your efforts.
  • If you want to learn how to create a beautiful website with WordPress then stick around.
  • Whether you have just a few hours a week or can give yourself full time to your online enterprise I pray there will be the help you need all in one place.


I believe the internet can be used for good – to generate a reasonable or exceptional income for those who decide to apply themselves to the task.

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Thanks for reading,


Brian King